Agricorp 2021

Agricorp 2021 with the theme – Corporatisation of Agriculture will focus on critical topics covering risk management, expansion strategies, financing and marketing, identifying the nation’s agriculture hot spot,
opportunities for growth, research, among others.

It will bring together a pool of corporate and individual players from among agricultural and agro-allied sector, technology and service providers, governments, financial institutions, multilateral agencies and the entire agribusiness sector value chain.

In addition, Agricorp 2021 will provide the needed ambience for all stakeholders in Agribusiness value chain to exchange views, opinions, best practices and experiences, as well as discuss the challenges facing Agric Sector around the world in achieving its strategic goals in supporting national economy plans.


  • Competitiveness of Nigeria’s Agriculture Sector
  • Farm Management Systems
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finance and Crop Insurance and Marketing
  • Food Security and Poverty Alleviation
  • Disruption Technology and Innovation in Agribusiness
  • Agriculture Engineering
  • Agriculture Biotechnology

Why attend?

As agriculture in Africa continues attract attention from investors, technology experts and product developers in the Agribusiness value chain, this is an opportunity to generate generate new ideas and leads & open new business and collaborate for profit.

Meet the experts, expand your network

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